Introduction… by Newlywed Girl

Thanks for stopping by to read the blog! I wanted to introduce myself to readers out there. I am Newlywed Girl, and I wanted to talk about my perspective on being half of a couple.

My husband and I were married back in September 2007, and ever since then its been great! We have so much fun together every day, no matter where we are. Life really couldn’t be better at this point. We are enjoying our alone time, building our little home together, and starting our new life as a married couple.

I plan to blog here about my life, focused around being the newlywed on the scene. Everyday topics such as family finances, careers, home life, my spending habit, my husband’s annoyance with my spending habit, random thoughts, advice and tidbits from my soapbox, and everything in between.

I am really glad to have an outlet for my thoughts. I look forward to feedback and suggestions on topics for future posts.

Please email your questions or suggetsions to with attention to Newlywed Girl, or post your comments to blog posts for me to respond.


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