Husbands and Purses – by Newlywed Girl

I purchased this beautiful LV Tahitienne Cabas at the Century City store over the weekend. Check it out!

I have been drooling about this bag since I first saw it at the Rodeo Dr boutique back in May. I walked out of the store that day thinking about it, and then couldn’t put it out of my mind. When I went back to the store it was GONE! My beautiful bag dashed from me before I could make the committment to buy it. I waited patiently for it to come back somehow and I vowed to buy it the next time I saw it.

That next time was this past weekend at Century City, where I spotted it again on the top shelf. My husband and I were entertaining out of town guests and took them to the mall to do some open air shopping. I asked the salesperson to show me the bag and I proceded to try it on and stare at it on me in the mirror for 5 minutes. I really had to have this bag this time…it was calling my name. I MUST BUY IT!

Now is the part where the husband comes into the story…

My husband does not understand my obsession around handbags, or shoes for that matter. I’m sure that many of you wives and significant others out there can relate. We stood in the store discussing my purchase of this bag for about 30 minutes. He was standing there telling me no, while I was telling him I really wanted it. Ultimately, I did WIN and get the bag, but not without some guilting about how much it costs. Also, I have to mention that by WINNING the discussion, I am now purchasing this bag with my small slush fund that isn’t part of our combined savings.

I really didn’t like that feeling of not being able to splurge on myself without getting the whole guilt trip from my husband. I feel as though because we are newlywed, I am really not used to having to discuss and scrutinize purchases. I do make my own money and pay the joint bills, so sometimes I feel like I deserve a little pick me up. Part of me also has been feeling stressed from work lately, putting in 12+ hour days, and wanting something to feel good about.

What do you readers out there think? Have you had similar experiences?

Post your replies and let me know what you think?? (good/bad/can relate)


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