Cooking as a couple ~ Newlywed Girl

I have come to realize cooking couples seems to be a dying breed. This is especially true when you start having kids and are getting over the whole ‘honeymoon or newlywed stage.’ I really think that we should be bringing this fad back! Its a great way to catch up with your other half, as well as, strengthening your relationship by doing activities together that normally feel like chores.

From Real Simple

Real Simple Magazine

Sunday night, my hubby and I combined our powers in the kitchen and made a delicious grilled steak and veggie dinner. He watched while I marinated and coated the steak with my quick pepper crust, prepped the asparagus and microwave ‘baked’ potatoes. When I was finished with my prepping, he took the veggies and steak out to the BBQ grill to cook. It was simple but it was fun – he wasn’t just couch potatoing while I made dinner.

We poured a nice bottle of pinot noir to enjoy with our delicious homemade steak meal. This meal would rival any major steakhouse, in my opinion.

I wish I took photos of the food! Oh well – you’ll have to take my word that it was good looking and tasty.

After dinner we caught an evening show of Dark Knight and shared some stale movie popcorn. It was a really great movie, I can understand the hype now.  

My suggestion: try this date night style, you might just enjoy it.

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