Eco Friendly Stainless Steel Water Bottles

About 3 years ago – my eco friendly – nature loving sister in law gave me a stainless steel water bottle as a gift for my daughter for her 1st birthday. She said to me- save the environment and I looked at her like she had horns growing out of her head. Here is the back story- my sister in law- has always been on the cutting edge when it came to stuff like this…she was the FIRST to tell us that we should not microwave our foods with plastic containers or drink out of plastic cups when they were still hot from the dishwasher. When she told us the thing about the hot plastic that was way before Johns Hopkins published the study telling everyone that heating items up in plastic in a microwave could cause cancer. She told us this years ago….

Anyhow, I finally jumped on the band wagon. Now it is the new thing to do. And most people in the major cosmopolitan cities who watch Green TV with Maria Menunos from Access Hollywood are carrying recyclable totes to the farmers market and the supermarkets now and shunning their plastic water bottles when they remember.

Recently we came across these amazing stainless steel water bottles from Ecowaterbottles that we just fell in love with. The reason: These water bottles had wraps with designs, sport tops in different colors and stainless steel bottles with all kinds of designs. Not to mention that the way they make the bottles…the water does not taste like metal and the water stays nice and cold for hours. The designs are very pretty too and they cost less than some of the other brands like Sigg. Check them out here at our online store.

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