What to do when your child is sick …and you don’t want to get her friends sick

So this was an issue I was dealing with right before our trip. My daughter had what I thought was a slight cold. Her best friend had a fever the day before we left and she was playing with her the  whole day. My daughter started complainging her ears were hurting so I called our ENT to get an antibiotic just in case. The day before while I was packing, my daughter began to get a runny nose. I did not want to get my friend’s children sick but knew it would be worse if I cancelled our trip on them and on us. My husband would be upset and they would think we were flaking. So I phoned her and told her, my daughter B had a cold and I had antibiotics. She said as long as I started her on the antibiotics she felt fine with us still coming on the trip.

Long story short- we went on a 7 day trip and stayed with them and had an amazing time. The kids got along great and the parents got along great.

Today, my husband went out to dinner with my friend’s husband M and he mentioned that his kids now have terrible flus. (The kids and the mom stayed another week at their cabin and grandma flew up to help out while dad came home to work for the week and then fly back on the weekend for the end of the trip and to pack them up to drive home.) Needless to say when I heard the kids were sick. I just felt terrible. I immediately emailed my friend and apologized for B infecting her children.

What else could I have done? I did not want to miss the trip and I did not want her to think that I was flaking out on the trip. We all ended up having a great trip…but now they have really sick kids on their hands.

I forgot to mention during the week we were with them my daughter B got really really sick. She did not have a fever but she had a horrible cough and coughed for 3 nights straight in the room the 3 kids shared….in the day they never shared food or drinks but I guess they shared toys and that was enough…

What would you have done? Am I a terrible friend? A terrible mom for dragging my child on a trip when she was sick?


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