Turn off the Computer and Talk – Newlywed Girl

Hi, I am newlywed girl, and I’m addicted to the internet. I enjoy chatting with friends, checking my email, writing my blogs, checking my ebay store, and basically sit in front of my laptop for many hours a night.

My friend told me during my wedding planning that its healthy to take at least a couple nights a week away from the computer to keep my relationship going with my fiance (now husband). I really have a hard time doing that because all day long at work, I have no sneaky little times in the day to do some of the internet surfing. When I get home I have tons of things to catch up on and lets face it – I’m just addicted to the computer and the internet. I think during the wedding planning it was really bad – my husband was so irritated with the long hours I’d spend looking at the knot, wedding bee, vendor websites and blogs.

I think its time to make that conscious decision to step away from the computer for a couple nights a week. I’ll have to pick which days I’ll be taking my small breaks. Its probably good to not ignore my husband and give ourselves some time to chat and catch up with the day.

Don’t worry Internet, same to you blog readers – I won’t be gone from you too long…



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3 responses to “Turn off the Computer and Talk – Newlywed Girl

  1. wade

    nice stuff! And good idea w/ the designated no net night nights. mucho importante.

  2. Evelyn

    My husband is always on the computer too and I used to love to chat AT him when we were newlyweds now we are just 2 people staring into cyberspace at night until we switch on the television and stare at the television or pick up a book…ah the romance-

  3. Jean

    I have other issues- my husband rides his bike all weekend and does not spend time with me so should I shut off the computer?

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