Mark Wahlberg and his kids love the American Girl Cafe

Ella Rae, Michael, Rhea Durham, and Mark Walhberg were seen in the late afternoon today by Mom of 4 year old at the American Girl store in Los Angeles entering the American Girl Cafe on the balcony. Mark was busy on his blackberry trying to catch up with some work before sitting down to the 2:30P sitting to have some family time with his family. It was very sweet. We just thought you might be interested. If you like American Girl check out their site at

As a Mom of a 4 year old I was told by my friend A that my B would love an American Girl and that it would make it easier for relatives and family to give her presents that did not go to waste during birthdays and holidays because every gift would go towards her doll and it would not be something random that she may or may not like. I was at first not convinced and also against dolls for my daughter. I wanted my daughter to only play with tinker toys, legos, puzzles, and blocks. I did not want my daughter to play with kitchen sets, barbies, stuffed animals, and dolls. But I soon realized that children should experience all types of toys and I succumbed to buying her a few stuffed animals, and dolls but still no Barbie dolls.

I slowly thought more about the American Girl doll and finally decided to look online and to go check out the store with my B while out one day in the area. As soon as I walked into the store I could not believe the lifestyle that these dolls in the American Girl were living. These American Girls get their hairstyles changed for $10 to $20 each time, ears pierced for $14, ate with their little moms at the American Girl Cafe for $18 for a set menu of afternoon tea set, played tennis and the grand piano. I soon realized the American Girl was what every little girl in America wanted to be. The American Girl was every little girl in American because they had every look and every type of little girl and every nationality we have in America but also this American Girl played every sport and did every hobby an American Girl did or wanted to do. I never understood the fascination with these American Girls but after spending an hour in the store, I wanted the soda fountain, the pizza kit, the bathtub, the lounge chair, I wanted an American Girl. There was a reason why it was such an amazing phenomenon and I must say I love it too.

I am so glad we decided to get her an American Girl for her birthday this year, she really loves having the doll and building on her collection. It is so much better than having a bunch of random toys. This is something that can grow with her for a few years too. Finally a great toy that is educational and has good values. I cannot say enough. I am so impressed. Comments are welcome. Do you agree or disagree? What do your boys have for toys that you loves as much as I love the American Girl concept?


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  1. Eunice

    I love American Girl myself and took my daughter to see the movie Kitt Kitridge because I wanted to see it so badly. She loved and we walked out and went to the American Girl cafe to eat lunch to celebrate. What a fun day for me…I mean my daughter haha thanks for this – Mark Wahlberg as a dad- how cute

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