Irritated mom of a 4 year old: My husband went to the market with her today not for the first time

So I know I am a mom of a 4 year old and I normally talk about my daughter…but today I am going to talk about my husband… I sent my husband (who looks like a hybrid of George Clooney and Brad Pitt…just kidding he is not bad looking though) to the park with my daughter AND to the supermarket with my daughter today so I could have 2 minutes to myself after a whole summer of no school for my B.

My husband has a masters degree and has a job where he manages quite a few people. He cannot go to the market without calling me 6 times on average. He also cannot remember my cell phone number or our home number to enter into the supermarket checkout thingy to get the Ralphs market discounts.

So here is what happened today and I will give you the short version today:

A says “I am at the market, what kind of cheese do we need?”

Me – ” The laughing cow cheese.”

A – ” Which kind is the laughing cow cheese?”

Me- ” The kind that is branded the laughing cow cheese.”

A- “Where is that cheese in the market?”

Me- “In the cheese section.”

A “Oh right ok I will go find it bye.”

I am listening to L.E.S. Artistes on youtube while I am working online and I get another call mid song…the song is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

A ” There are no chicken thighs without bones here.”

Me “Get the chicken with the bones then.”

A “How many?”

Me “How many what?”

A audible sigh “How many thighs?”

Me “I don’t know get 2 packs.”

A ” Ok fine but they are fresh do you want fresh or frozen?”

Me “I prefer fresh.”

A “It costs more.”

Me “How much more?”

A ” I don’t know it just says $5.49 for the one and $6.79 for the other.”

Me “Ok so make a decision do you want to spend a $1.50 more? If yes, go for it.”

A “Ok fine, bye.”

Song is over….ring- guess who?

A ” So I don’t know which phone number to enter to get our Ralphs Discounts.”

Me ” Try my cell.”

A ” What is your cell number?”

Me ” You are kidding right?”

A ” No I am in line can you just tell me?”

Me ” Ok here it is (xxx) xxx-xxxx.”

A ” Ok thanks.” hangs up.

Ring a sec later

A “It is not the right number.”

Me “OK…try our home number?”

A “It is not right.”

Me “Try your cell number.”

A “None of them work. Forget it. Oh wait it is working. Ok thanks bye.”

This is what I go through everytime. Do you go through this? It is the same thing every time? So do I say “Oh forget it, I will go to the market from now on and you never have to go again?” Or should I just say, ” Practice makes perfect, he can keep on going?” I will opt for the latter until I go crazy or until my daughter gets tired of making 2 hour trips to the market.

I don’t feel guilty about this alone time when I know my daughter is with my husband spending quality time at the park and the market. They are both learning at the market so it is time well spent.

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