New Sushi Restaurant Beachside ~ Newlywed Girl

The other night when my hubby and I had our impromptu Munday date night, we took a walk around the neighborhood and came across this brand new fancy schmancy sushi place called Sashi (Sake + Sushi). On a Monday night this place was pretty full, with people filling their patio seating and then a few tables inside as well.

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The partners are real estate investors/developers and decided to open their own fine dining restaurant. They hired Japanese chef Makoto, and a House Manager formerly of Katsuya Brentwood. This place is upscale dining at its best. It looks really nice inside and the location is great. Its right across the plaza from our favorite greek place, Petros, and next to the boutique hotel Shade. Manhattan Beach is getting more and more upscale these days.

Has anyone out there been to Sashi? Can you let us know what you think? Is it worth a try? There seems to be mixed reviews on Yelp. I’m undecided on trying this place out. I have tons of favorite local Japanese eateries that are more mellow and less trendy, and that makes me not want to test out this new hot spot.


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