Bruce Lee Yellow Jumpsuit like Enter the Dragon and Game of Death Kill Bill Suits

If you are looking for an amazing Halloween costume. My husband found the most amazing costume for Halloween from the original seller who has been selling the jumpsuits for 5 years on Ebay.

They are having a special 15% off one time sale to celebrate their 5 years selling this suit on Ebay as well as to thank their customers for their loyalty. The sale starts NOW at 11AM Pacific Time.

This is the only seller on Ebay who sells the real deal. The exact suit Bruce Lee wore in the movie Enter the Dragon made of the same material. This seller has had feedback from hundreds of their buyers and my husband loves his suit. CLICK THE PHOTO TO GO TO BUY THE SUIT NOW.

Click here to buy the suit now



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18 responses to “Bruce Lee Yellow Jumpsuit like Enter the Dragon and Game of Death Kill Bill Suits

  1. Gil

    I bought this suit from this seller and he was prompt to ship and answered all my questions. Fast shipping too so I have it now for Halloween too- thanks Puppies and Worms- by the way- the others do not compare- I bought one from another guy and this seller CASHMEARGURL on Ebay definitely has the best stuff out there and they have a lot of feedback all positive from past buyers- I say buy from them first

  2. Erin

    I just got mine in the mail from this seller and my boyfriend is going crazy over it- he said this is the one- thanks so much for telling us about this seller on eBay. Definitely the only one to buy from.

  3. Puppies and Worms

    Thanks so much for letting us know- My husband loves it so much I had to share- always glad to help. By the way- the seller told me that one guy loved these suits so much he bought 12 so he could have a Superheroes versus Bruce Lee competition in San Francisco Golden Gate Park last year- how funny is that? Anyhow, this seller cannot be beat- nice friendly and honest – the real deal.

  4. Eric

    Dear Puppies and Worm,

    Thanks for your post- there is a seller on Ebay who is trying to pass themselves off with a lower price- this person is selling an inferior quality suit. My wife bought one for me and I am so unhappy. I bought from Cashmeargurl 2 years ago and told her I needed a new suit so she went onto Ebay and bought the cheaper one saying it is the SAME. It is absolutely not the same. This other seller COPIED the suits that CASHMEARGURL on Ebay is selling and trying to pass them off as the same- I compared my original suit with this inferior quality suit and found that the material pulls, is rough not smooth, and much thinner – cheaper material. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

  5. Joseph

    Thanks for this post- I actually was trying to figure out who to buy from- Cashmeargurl definitely has the best feedback- they have sold about 300 in the last 9 to 10 months alone I think from reading the feedback. So I bought from them and got mine today in time for Halloween. They were fast, nice, honest, and the real deal. Thanks for giving me the heads up.

  6. Larry

    I just got my suit today from Cashmeargurl on Ebay and I am happy I bought it from them. Great quality. So excited. Thanks.

  7. Sean

    Thanks for the tip

  8. Ethan

    I just got mine today in Canada and it is EVEN better than expected. So glad I got it from this seller. Thanks for the recommendation Puppies and Worms.

  9. Jason G

    I just got my suit from this seller and I am so happy- she knew which size I needed and it fit perfectly

  10. Joel

    I bought this suit recently for training and I must say the quality is TOPS and the sale price of $76.50 cannot be beat. I was looking all over and there was a place with the same quality in SF that was $120- man I am going back for another one now that they have SMALLS back in stock.

  11. Joy

    I bought this suit for my husband from this seller to us in Germany – they shipped with no issues. Great quality too.

  12. Julie

    I just received this jumpsuit from the seller and they were great. Fast and good communication. I would not hesitate to buy from this seller.

  13. Adam

    I just got my suit today- it got to my house in Michigan in 3 days- wow – did they have a rocketship? I love the suit- it is nice thick quality – very good quality and price. I would not hesitate. This is a good seller for sure. Thanks for the tip.

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  17. Greg

    I bought 3 suits from another place and the sleeves were never right – the fabric strange – finally I found this seller also and he sent me a size XL with a sleeve length of 24 1/2 inches – it fit perfect and the suit was amazing material and was the exact suit that they used for Bruce Lee from the same manufacturer in the movie. It is really the right sellers- these are the ones to buy from – I have tried others- buy from this one.

  18. Bill

    Love this jumpsuit- got it for Valentine’s Day from my girlfriend and it is perfect perfect perfect. Thanks for the tip.

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