Mary Poppins and fairy tale movies for your toddler

Today my B came home from school, and happily told me about what she learned in Musical Theater class. I thought to myself, that sounds nice, Mary Poppins songs for my toddler how age appropriate.

She then asked me to play some of the songs for her on Youtube. (I usually play music from Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus for her on Youtube because she likes to sing to this type of music while playing her little wooden guitar). So I played her the Mary Poppins video, “a Spoonful of Sugar”, which was such a delight, I played her a few more songs including someone’s version of “Chim Chim Cherree”, which I did not know was not the version from the movie. This version caused my B to cover her ears and run out of the office screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. I had to pick B up and hug her to get her to stop kicking her legs and crying. I looked over at the screen and realized it was fireworks and a very loud recording of the “Chim Chim Cherree” song which frightened her.

I then realized from now on I need to edit everything I play to B on Youtube. Youtube has lots of surprises even for something as innocent as a Mary Poppins song because it is uploaded by individuals for all different reasons and purposes, and may not take into consideration what is age appropriate for a 4 year old.

At that point, I decided that I should just rent versions of movies I like for B so she can watch them in our home while I sit there with a fast forward button. I know it seems a little overprotective, but to a 4 year old toddler sudden loud noises can be frightening even if it is just loud bursts of fireworks on the screen.

Here is the nice safe version my 4 year old enjoyed today from Youtube:


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