Grandmothers and Grandfathers and how great they are for your kids…Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch buying stuff for her grandson

Yesterday, I met my friend KL for lunch at a small salad, sandwich place in Century City known as Clementines and it was packed during lunch. I was thinking to myself, we probably should have just gotten take out and brought it over to the mall courtyard to eat, no one would have minded and we would have saved 40 minutes waiting for a seat to eat in for 20 minutes. Nonetheless, I had my 3 salad special and we caught up about our lives and our kids.

After lunch we headed over to Bloomingdale’s to check out their usual take 20% off of everything sale at Bloomingdale’s and continued to chat while looking through the racks of womens sweaters, coats, and jeans. Finding nothing we really needed to have, we took the escalator up to the kids department to see if our children needed anything from the sale. I found nothing in the girls department, and followed KL around while she browsed jeans for her son H. As I idly chatted with KL, I see Florence Henderson looking at childrens suit jackets and chatting with a few women near her.

In my head I was singing the opening verse to the Brady Bunch. I just loved watching that show as a child, and seeing her brought back all those happy afternoons of coming home after school, having a snack, and watching an hour of Brady Bunch at 5P on Channel 56 in Boston. Those were the days when we did not have cable, and the channels were 56 or 2.

When I stopped day dreaming, I looked up and saw Florence Henderson approaching our line with the boy’s suit jacket and a few other boys items to get ready to pay. She must have been buying something for her grandchild. I read somewhere she had a few grandchildren, and she looked like she was buying a few nice things for them.

There is something so amazing about having grandparents around for your children. I never really understood the wonderful relationship a child had with his or her grandparents until I had B. The love that a grandparent can give to a grandchild is so unconditional and different than the love that a parent can give to a child, it is truly something special.

When my mother or my mother in law picks my daughter up at school with me, my daughter’s face instantly lights up when she sees either of them. She often asks to stay over my mother in law’s house, and when my parents are in town, B asks to see them daily. She cannot get enough of them.

My father as a grandparent is a patient and loving person. He reads to B and plays with B as if he has all the time in the world. Even if he is in the middle of doing something, he sets everything done so that he can concentrate on reading to her immediately when she asks him to do so. My father loves his little grand daughter more than anything.

I think children who are lucky enough to have their grandparents around are truly lucky, and we as parents need to make sure we give them lots of time to spend with one another whenever possible.

To end, here is a little music from the Brady Bunch. I still love that show.


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One response to “Grandmothers and Grandfathers and how great they are for your kids…Florence Henderson of the Brady Bunch buying stuff for her grandson

  1. Ashley

    I liked this blog. Its sentimental because I remember the Brady Bunch and I also had grandparents that were very loving.

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