Weekend Pasttime ~ Newlywed Girl

I’m spoiled because I live in LA, the land of the year round farmers markets. When I was growing up in Boston, there was one tiny farmers market in my suburbia neighborhood, and it was only open from June to October (if we were lucky). It also had about 8 stalls with very limited items, and not to mention it was super pricey! Needless to say, my mom shopped at the local supermarket for all of our produce since it really wasn’t cost effective to go to the local farmers market during summer months. It was more novelty than anything else.

In LA – there are farmers markets in all cities, all over town, with 40-50 stalls. They have fresh local produce, seafood, eggs, cheese, and even a mini food court! My hubby and I spend our Saturday mornings at the Torrance farmers market at Wilson Park buying our weekly produce, seafood and then stopping by the food court to eat our favorite snacks. I also have to get my bag of kettle korn to take home. Some of you might think its weird to buy seafood, but its actually really fresh and straight from the fish market anyway.

I think its great to be able to support local farmers and buying fruits and veggies that are currently in season. Sure, the Trader Joes and Ralphs are super convenient, but I’ve noticed that my veggies actually turn bad a LOT quicker when purchased from a store. Plus, isn’t it great to think of cool new home made dishes using the in season fruits and veggies?

I think after my Saturday farmers market trips, I’m going to start thinking about my new recipes. All you readers and subscribers out there will be able to see my new posts on recipes from yummy ingredients from the Torrance Farmers Market.

I am looking forward to my trip tomorrow morning!

List of the LA local farmers market: http://www.farmernet.com/events/cfms


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