Mom Talk: What if you cannot deal with all the mom talk?

These days it seems all that we see in the media are pictures of celebrities and their babies. I guess that means babies are in vogue again. (See this photo of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise toting Suri everywhere with them). When I was growing up, if I went to a dinner or party with my parents, people would give my parents dirty looks and whisper, “they brought their child.” I remember going out with my parents to a party and usually always being the only child out while all the other children were at home with a grandparent, sitter, or nanny. My parents were the type of parents who just liked to be with us all of the time. In those days, which were the 70’s, children stayed home. Nowadays, children go almost everywhere with their parents. Today as a society, our norms have changed.

It is good and bad. The good thing is, we no longer need to call a sitter for every little dinner or party we need to attend. Now, other people will also have their children at the party, and our B can play with those other children, while we mingle with the adults. The bad thing is, people have become more open about talking about their children constantly as well now that they are so integrated into our lifestyles. Thus, some people, not all, have a very hard time talking about any other topics other than their children when speaking to other parents.

I have a friend who is a very successful attorney and spends her days in litigation with big corporations. When she is with me, all she ever talks about are her children. We never speak about anything other than her children and what they did in school, what they ate, or what they like to do during the day. Most of our conversations begin and end with her children. When I try to introduce new topics, she touches upon my topics, and before long veers back to the topic of her children.

Now, I like to talk about broad topics regarding the education of our children, or the nutrition of our children, but when we specifically talk about her children constantly and what they did yesterday, it gets to be a little boring. General topics about work, weekend plans, news topics, are never topics that I can get her to stick to for more than 5 minutes.

I suppose this single minded behavior has gotten her quite far in her career, and probably makes her a very good and focused mother, but as a fellow mom friend, it is quite a hard relationship sometimes. I am trying to figure out how I can get this friend of mine to refocus when we speak so that our friendship does not grow tired. It is a tough one though.

Today I am exhausted from all the mom talk…


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