Friday Night Out! ~ Newlywed Girl

I actually went out over the weekend. This is really a rare occurrance. Normally, hubby and I may go out for a meal with friends/family or on our own, and then head on home for the rest of the night. This Friday was different, we made our way out for a low key birthday celebration for my friend M.

M traveled up from San Diego for the evening to see us LA people. San Diego being two whole counties away, makes seeing M difficult on a regular basis. Perhaps this is what motivated me and hubby to make our journey out past 9:30pm.

We went out to Edison in Downtown LA. It was a pretty happening night spot. This was also my first time here, since we are not typically venturing out of the West LA/South Bay areas. I really liked it! They have no annoying bouncer people at the door, no cover, no attitude, and you can reserve a table easily. It was really crowded and loud though, but the service was pretty decent.  I really liked the decor of the old power plant generators. Also, the lounge is located about 3 flights down from the street entrance.

Overall, this was a positive Friday evening out. I might be converted into going out on a more regular basis with friends, as long as its one of these lounge places. I have sworn off Hollywood for many years, and hope to keep it that way. I really don’t like those clubs anymore.

Do you still go out with your friends after marriage? I know that it starts to wind down some but I would think some of you readers out there still go out to a bar/lounge once in a while.


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