Kids say the darndest things – and kids projects that I have tried from butterflies to birdhouses

The funniest cutest conversations from my B and her best friend C –

C: Why did your mom let you buy caterpillars to turn into butterflies?
B: Because she wants me to learn about how they become butterflies
C: My mom won’t ever buy butterflies because it is dirty for the house
B: oh ok
C: my mom is going to buy bunkbeds so you can stay over
B: OOOh really I would love that
C: these are really good popsicles
B: yeah I love em

I picked up B and her best friend C today after school so the 2 of them could have a playdate at my house. Today was another unusually hot day in October in LA and they wanted something cool as a snack after school so I offered them juice popsicles that I made from orange juice and water. I got these amazing little popsicle making containers from a gourmet cooking supply store, put water and orange juice in them, and froze them with the sticks in so that my daughter could have a refreshing healthy treat after school.

As they were eating they were looking at the caterpillars my daughter had in a jar that were incubating. My sister’s boyfriend bought these for B as a birthday gift so she could learn about how caterpillars turned into butterflies. My sisters were all surprised that I would allow insects in my house since they all know how I feel about hygiene. But, I want my daughter to learn about caterpillars and butterflies and this was definitely the best was for her to learn. Thus, the conversation you saw above. Just too funny and so cute. If you want to order your own kit order it at Insectlore.

This butterfly kit is definitely one of the better things we have done with live insects or animals in or near my home.

My husband’s bright idea was to build a bird house for my B. Now, I am not a lover of birds so I have to say what happened with the bird house is just about the biggest nightmare for me. This is what happened:

B was very excited and my husband took her to buy wood for the bird house. They selected the wood, built the house, bought the bird food and hung it under our orange tree in our yard. For the next 2 weeks, B and her father watched with glee as the birds came daily to our bird house and watched the birds eat the food. We had so many birds come to our house in the am, we always had a chirping sound coming from our yard. Most of this was pretty pleasant and did not happen too early so I did not really mind even though I am not a fan of birds. However, one day at the end of these 2 weeks, B wanted to go play in the backyard. I don’t often go out to the backyard because I work and B is in school most of the time, but she wanted to go outside that day so we went outside to the backyard.

The first thing that assaulted me was the stench. Then, I looked at my patio and almost gagged to put it mildly. Under my patio chairs, there was what looked like a month’s worth of bird fecal matter all over my patio and under the patio chairs. Those lovely birds we had been feeding, used my patio as a toilet after they ate. It was one of the most disgusting things I had ever seen. Now, since I am not a fan of birds, it only confirmed everything I believed about them, they were not very clean, and the fecal matter could potentially cause health issues – extreme being Avian Flu.

Anyhow, that was the end of my bird house project for B. I never put any more food in the birdhouse, the chirping stopped unless they were coming through to have some oranges, and the fecal matter issue was cleared up.


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