Coupons for instant savings are a great way to save money now that the economy is slumping: Get Gap coupons and other food coupons here now

Now that the stock market is under 9,000, the Presidential election is around the corner, the mortgage market is in the dumps, and we are all tightening our belts, Puppies and Worms is going to start a new segment about saving money for the family.

Today we are going to start with coupons. Start saving now with coupons that you can print and take to your local stores for everything from groceries to products for your children. Click here to check it out. Enjoy.

Print FREE Grocery Coupons at Home

I love coupons and this link gives you coupons for so many things that are daily necessities.

Also if your children need jackets and coats for the winter, get it from Gap now with our coupon here. They keep growing so you need to get everything for them when there is a sale.

I wonder if more people read the front page of which also talked about coupon usage (a few hours after we posted this post by the way) or did more people read about Angelina Jolie’s leaked W Magazine Cover showing her breastfeeding one of her twins. As a mom, I just want to say, it is natural, people should not be so shocked. She is a celebrity and has kids, it is great she wants to do these photos to sell some magazines to give to charity. She did do these photos to give the money to charity right?


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