Board Games and Puzzles like Hiss by Gamewright are a great way to help your child develop their brain power

My sister in law bought a great game for my B recently. The game is HISS by Gamewright and my daughter loves it. The game is very basic, you have to make a snake by matching the head, tail, and the middle parts by color. Sometimes the snake is very short with just the 3 parts, and sometimes it takes a while to draw a head and a tail to make a snake.

B is 4 and it is a simple concept for her to grasp, but I can see that it is helping her brain to develop in a way that preschool, and daily activities have not done in the past. She loves the game so much, she plays at least 3 to 4 games of Hiss a day, and every time she plays, she gets quicker and quicker at the game.

The other day, I went on Amazon and found a few more games by Gamewright and ordered them online. They arrived very quickly, and she loves these new games just as much. I bought her Slamwich and Granny Apples. The games are visually pleasing, fun, and easy. I believe these games are definitely helping B to develop her brain like puzzles, and I love it.

If you are interested in these games, click this Amazon icon here. It will take you straight to search for toys and games online. Easy Peasy.


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