CFA Iams Cat Championship Ticket Giveaway!

Puppies and Worms loves all animals! To help promote the Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign, we are giving away a pair of tickets to the CFA Iams Cat Championship in New York City!


The CFA Iams Cat Championship show will be held at Madison Square Garden from October 18-19 (next weekend)! If you will be in New York City next weekend or live in the city you’ll have the opportunity to enter this free ticket giveaway to attend this great show.

Please leave your comments and subscribe to our blog to be eligible for this ticket giveaway. This contest will only be running until Tuesday, October 14! Enter today to make sure you have the opportunity to win these tickets!! Please see our contest rules page for details.

At the CFA Iams Cat Championship show you will have the opportunity to see the best of over 40 breeds of cats, along with events like:

  • Feline Agility Competition
  • Adopt-A-Cat:  dozens of homeless cats from the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC animals will be available for adoption
  • Iams Trained Cats – the finest felines from Hollywood will be performing onstage!
  • New York’s Largest Feline Shopping Mall
  • The Breed Showcase

Contest Rules and Exclusions: Must be 18 years of age or older. All contestants must leave their comment in this blog, subscribe to our newsletter, and leave email contact information to be eligible. Winner will provide mailing address to receive tickets. Contest is for 2 tickets to the CFA Iams Cat Championship show only. Travel, transportation and any personal expenses are not covered in this contest.

Visit the CFA Iams website for more details: You can download a discount coupon for tickets at the door.

We are also giving away a CFA Iams Cat Championship Show prize pack worth $250! Please go to our other post to enter the contest!

For more information about the Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign, click the link to read the post:




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4 responses to “CFA Iams Cat Championship Ticket Giveaway!

  1. david basile

    thank you

  2. Asako Kono

    I love cats, in fact I have one that is 23 pounds and loves to eat. I live in NJ, so I would love to go to the show.
    I love your site. Can you write more about cats?

  3. cate hunzeker

    We have three cats–all rescues. One has an unusual story–Fidgit.
    The night before Hurricane Ivan, our 22 year old dog passed away. We only had time to bury him before the winds began to rage. At about 30mph my daughter went out to insure that everything was secure. A mewling ball of dark fur wandered up our walk soaked and staggering. Undersized, milk teeth and ear mites–into the kitchen of a dog on home–the terrified kitten latched onto a bowl of warmed milk with some honey and a few grains of salt.
    That was four years or so ago. Fidgit sleeps soundly curled up in the bend of my daughter’s left arm daily. She never really grew to full size probably due to starvation or the loss of her mother so she snuggles into a perfect fit.
    Sadly, thunder storms or a nightmare still afflicts her calm but at least she realizes that she is wanted and needed. Skeptics will argue with this last sentence. Fidgit tells me when Ruth is getting sick long before any symptoms appear. Perhaps that is her perceived role in our lives.
    We are just happy to share hers.

  4. Terri Wicklund

    I am a cat lover !! So much my husband thinks I love my two boys more than him!!!

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