Sara Palin on Saturday Night Live tonight

I just watched Sara Palin on Saturday Night Live tonight. It was a fun sketch with her in the opening scene watching Tina Fey doing a press conference. She stood next to Alec Baldwin and Lorne Michaels and discussed whether she thought Tina Fey’s depiction of her was realistic or not.

I thought it was a fun sketch, but I was not sure what the rest of America felt was appropriate for a political candidate considering how close we are to the presidential election. Have Biden and Obama also done appearances like this on other light hearted shows? Do Americans like these types of appearances from their political candidates? I would love to know your thoughts.

I have the video here from Youtube in case you missed it:

Also, today the Los Angeles Times gave their endorsement for who they supported for Presidential candidate. I am not going to say who they said they support. That part is really irrelevant, the part I was concerned about was, when does a Newspaper give opinions like this? I thought a Newspaper was just supposed to report on events and not give opinions. This is another topic I would love to hear comments on.



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2 responses to “Sara Palin on Saturday Night Live tonight

  1. Gaye McGill

    Newspapers are supposed to present the news, but most people believe there is some personal bias in many stories. (On some papers, there’s more than just “some”.) Newspapers also have an editorial section where they are supposed to provide their opinions and promote issues they believe are beneficial to their readers. Readers are also encouraged to write in with their opinions.

    My understanding is that the Los Angeles Times has not endorsed a presidential candidate for the last 30 years, so they must feel pretty strongly that Obama is the best man for the job or they would not have done so this year.

    As far as the Palin skit on SNL, the answer is yes, most candidates have made appearances like this. I suppose it makes them seem more down to earth and shows people they’re able to laugh at themselves. (At least sometimes.)

  2. I think it is good for candidates to do shows like SNL. It is refreshing to see them outside of the political arena and can give insight to their true personalities.
    As for newspaper endorsements, if the LA Times is your usual news source I can see how you might not be familiar with them. Many papers, however, have been endorsing candidates for years. One hopes that since they are a news source that they endorse candidates based on real issues.

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