Oprah Winfrey Show: Young Millionaire show message today is FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS

On the Oprah Show today Oprah featured Young Millionaires on her show and the theme was how to make it in business doing something you love. Her direct quote was “follow your passions”.

She talked to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen about their new book Influence, Gurbaksh Chanal, founder of internet marketing companies like Blue Lithium and Clickagents, about his book The Dream, and Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh about his work happiness philosophy, and the message was the same throughout.

All the guests really love what they do, and the message was the same, “do what you love and the money will follow”. I believe that to be true, and I think this is a message we should teach ourselves and help our children learn too.


When I see all the musicians, vets, doctors, actors, writers, inventors, postal carriers, and all the people out there who just love the job they are doing, you can tell they have found their happiness and success.

I know it is a hard argument to believe when you have bills to pay, but I think if we can even find some time in the day to think about what we love to do, and maybe spend our spare time pursuing those dreams when not working to pay the bills, we could eventually find happiness in our work.

Comments are welcome.

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