Shopflick is the internet’s new way to shop not your granny’s QVC or HSN

Now that QVC and HSN are big conglomerates, no one would ever dare to make fun of shopping on television. People used to make fun of QVC and HSN viewers/shoppers because they assumed that if you shopped from your home you were a granny or a shut in. If you looked at QVC and HSN in recent years you can see that shopping from your home is not just for people who don’t know any better, it is the new way to shop. Shopping on television is the convenient, sometimes smarter way to shop.

When I was pregnant with B and on bed rest, I did a lot of shopping on QVC and HSN and it was actually a very easy way to buy things that I needed from stores I hated to go to like Bed Bath and Beyond, or Target which were full of people who worked in the store who did not have a lot of product knowledge. During my pregnancy, I found these shopping channels to be filled with product information on many different types of products, helpful customer service people on the phone, and the convenience of home delivery. It was a great situation for someone who was just too tired, and uncomfortable to get around to all the different stores to buy a few items. These shopping channels were the answer to birthday present shopping, home appliance shopping, and generic kitchen supply shopping. However, after my pregnancy I found I returned to shopping on the internet the old way, on the sites with the still photos and the product descriptions because I did not find the clothing, or hipper designer items I liked on QVC or HSN. Thus, my television shopping experience ended when I gave birth.

Now, this type of shopping is not for everyone. If you love designers and high end items, QVC and HSN are shopping channels for people who are looking for items that you can get mostly from your local Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. The quality of the items and price points are mostly in that range. However, recently they have added a range of higher end made exclusively for QVC and HSN products from different celebrity designers as well as celebrities who have their own product lines, but these channels still do not fill the need of a consumer who wants the high end experience of shopping at a high end department store.

Recently, a new store on the internet has launched called Shopflick and I found the new store quite fascinating. The store is an online store that gives you the television shopping experience on the internet. The items carried on Shopflick are a higher end, designer label channel that is geared towards the internet generation. It is sleeker than QVC and HSN and appeals to the client niche that QVC and HSN have not been able to capture yet or do not think they need to appeal to. Either way, Shopflick has filled a bit of a void in the shopping market place.

If you are that person who likes to shop online, but wants to know more about the product besides the product description and the still photos, this new way to shop is for you. I checked it out and the channel carries quite a few hip and cool designers as well as functional items. I think this new way of shopping may have something for the internet shopper. Check it out above, you may find that it fills a shopping void for you. I know it filled a void for me from my pregnancy shopping days.



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