Gene Simmons in my workout class today and working out is good for you


Today I went to my regular workout class in LA which encompasses running on the treadmill and floor work and guess who was in my class? Gene Simmons and his long time companion, Shannon Tweed. Now, I have never been a Kiss fan so I only recognized him because he looked familiar from television. Also, I knew about Gene Simmons because I remember hearing that he was one of those rockers who was very well known for being very smart about his career. The funny thing about seeing him working out now that he is older is how like everyone else… he has in fact gotten older. It was really great to see that he was out working out and taking care of himself. I just thought it was very cool that a rocker like him was taking a workout class to stay in shape like the rest of us.

As a mom, wife, freelancer, and Jill of all trades, I find that I am always juggling my schedule and staying up until all hours of the night trying to finish my work or do something for the house. I recently realized how important it was for me to workout now not only to stay in shape, but also to keep up with my daughter and husband as I get older.

Working out is good for you. When I work out, I feel great afterward and I know that it is keeping me from getting sick and depressed. The endorphins that you get from a good workout are better than any chocolate sundae or peanut butter chocolate cake you can eat.

Finishing a challenging workout also gives me a sense of accomplishment early in the morning when I start my day. It helps me focus on the next task because I have already completed a task that was good for me.

I cannot say enough about working out. Whether you are young or old. I suggest a workout. Start slow. Take a walk around the mall, or train for that marathon if you want to challenge yourself to get to the next level. Do it for yourself. Be good to yourself. When you get older, your body will thank you for all that effort.


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