Loving the Holiday Season ~ Newlywed Girl

Now that we’ve turned the corner past Halloween, I can start thinking about the best part of the year, Holiday Time! The best part about this year is the family time, cooler weather, and the days off from work! I really cherish the holidays because it brings back some really great memories of childhood. Now that all of my siblings and I are older, we have gotten past the whole materialistic gift exchange, and just really enjoy the time together with our parents and our significant others and families.

I started thinking about the Holidays today when I walked into the cheesiest decoration store. It was originally our home patio furniture store, but when we went in today for patio accessories, it had turned into a winter wonderland. There were fake trees of all sizes, ornaments, wreaths, giant Santa Claus lawn ornaments, and other over the top decorations. Here is a quick picture I took from my cell phone.

Lawn Santa

Sorry to people who like lawn decorations, but the ones they had at this store were way over the top. This particular statue was about $1200. In this economy, I really can’t see any justification for this type of figurine. I do however, look forward to my annual fresh tree purchase and recycling my old ornaments from the last few years. Maybe I’ll  even put a couple of small gifts under it for my niece.

What do you look forward to this Holiday Season? For me, ever since my sisters and I decided to forgo gift giving, I feel like I’ll enjoy the Holidays even more. No more malls, long lines, and ringing 2009 in with New Year debt. I’m looking forward to the yummy meal with my entire family.


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