Bats Day at the Fun Park Disneyland ~ Newlywed Girl

On the the heels of my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, I had to mention something about Bats Day at Disneyland. Today we took my niece to Disneyland to spend part of Sunday together. As we waited for the tram to take us from the parking lot to the park, we started noticing people dressed up in goth type clothing. I had actually previously seen this at Disneyland a few years ago, and thought it was really strange. Today was no exception. There were adults and kids all dressed up in their goth gear black clothing, platform crazy boots, and lifesaver candy colored hair. The interesting thing is that there were 100s of goth people going around all over the park today, some even fly in from Europe to join this goth holiday! They even posed for a group photo in front of the Magic Kingdom. Check out my photos from today.

Bats Day

Bats Day 2

Group Pic

I really didn’t understand this dress up day at all. I, of course, had to come home immediate and start googling this strange phenomenon at Disneyland. Its basically the ironic state of happy and sad / depressing together in one place. Since I had seen this before at the park, I thought this was a weekly thing but after I read an article online its mostly just an annual planned event for all goth people. Here is a link to the OC Weekly,

The Bats Day has its own website! You can go to this site to see when this pre-planned Bats Day will be held. Maybe next year you can plan to be at Disneyland next year to witness this for yourself.

The reason why I bring up my Japan trip again, is that I am planning to go see this very sight in Tokyo in the famed Harajuku district. Each week the kids get dressed up and go to Harajuku to hang out and spend the day in their goth attire. I am pretty sure that Bats Day copied their idea from Japan. I am really looking forward to seeing this sight in Tokyo and taking tons of pictures to share with all of our Puppies and Worms readers.

Stay tuned for those pictures soon!



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