Barter and trade for sweaters, the Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap bag? Seven Jeans? designer pumps?

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Recently I read about a new way to “shop” for your favorite items in these tough economic times. There has been a new wave of parties going around in neighborhoods around the country called Recessionista Barterboots Parties.

One woman hosts and invites her friends to her house for drinks and food and asks everyone to bring their skirts, bags, sunglasses, and shoes that they no longer want and have not been able to sell on Ebay.

Upon arriving at the party, people throw their skirts in one pile, shoes in one pile, jackets in one pile until all the items are separated into categories and then people grab some drinks and good eats and start to “shop”.

This idea sounds amazing if the ground rules are set in advance and everyone knows the rules from the start. The rules are simple enough:

1.) Everyone should contribute to the food or drinks of the party to help the host defray any costs for hosting the party which is a party for saving money by trading and not spending.

2.) The host should invite people who are either around the same size in clothing and have around the same budget in terms of what they have spent on their clothing so no one feels that they have been short changed if they bring 5 items of Juicy Couture and are picking from a pile of non designer clothing from the local second hand vintage store.

3.) The attendees should all bring around the same amount of items to the party. Thus, if each person brings 8 pieces of clothing and accessories then everyone should do the same.

4.) People should be honest with one another so that no one leaves with a bright orange jumpsuit that makes them look like a giant orange instead of Giselle Bundchen.

5.) Attendees should come to the party with an open mind and expect some good drinks, food, and fun.

6.) Items that are brought to the party should not be items that one still wants at the end of the evening. These barter items that are not chosen should be items that the attendee can put in a large pile for Goodwill at the end of the night because if you still want to take it home you were probably not prepared to give it up to begin with…

I think if this type of party is planned correctly, there could be some interesting wardrobe exchanges this holiday season. After all, you probably have more than 1 pair of shoes in your closet that you have not worn for 2 or more years. Why not bring those to the party, sip a cocktail, and see what else you can find in exchange?

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