Photos on a postage stamp what an amazing thing

A week ago I got a piece of mail and it had a photo of my friend’s daughter on the stamp. I was so surprised, I was seriously confused for a few minutes. I then realized that she bought stamps and ordered them with her daughter’s photo on the stamps.

I could not believe that she did this. I loved it and went online and ordered stamps with my daughter’s photo on it. They came in the mail within a week, and I could not believe how cool it was to have this picture of my daughter on a postage stamp.

Now, this idea for me is not for daily bills. That would be frivolous. I just think this is the best novel idea for a Holiday / Christmas gift for grandma, your sister, or someone who adores your child. It is also a great stamp to have when you address your holiday cards or birthday party invites or thank you cards.

It is definitely a stamp to be used for people you know. I love it, I thought maybe you would too. Click the banner to check it out for the holidays.



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