Gluten Free Chocolate Peppermint Trifle Recipe


My sister recently discovered she is gluten intolerant. As a result of her discovery, all my siblings have had to rethink the way we do holiday meals that include items with wheat or flour products. Desserts were a big challenge for our family gatherings because she loves sweets but could not longer indulge with the rest of us when we baked an amazing red velvet cake.

Recently, I started experimenting with some gluten free flours and recipes and have found some ready made mixes that were pretty good. As a result, this year, our Christmas dinner will include a holiday trifle that she can enjoy with the rest of us.

Here is my Gluten Free Trifle Recipe for you to enjoy:

6 candy canes crumbled up into small pieces
1 chocolate bar 10 oz or more if you like crumbled into small pieces
1 box of Gluten Free brownie mix- bake to directions – cool
1 box of Gluten Free yellow cake mix- bake to directions – cool
4 cups of cold espresso coffee
2 pints of whipping cream- whip to thick cream consistency adding a little bit of gluten free vanilla extract (can be found at Whole Foods also)
1 trifle bowl or clear bowl or clear parfait glasses

The Gluten Free cake mixes can be found at any Whole Foods market across the nation.

Line the bottom of the bowl with a layer of torn up yellow cake- drizzle this layer with espresso- cover layer with whipped cream, drizzle candy cane and chocolate over the whipped cream, add layer of brownie, add layer of whipped cream, add layer of candy cane, add layer of whipped cream and continue until your ingredients run out or until your bowl or parfait cups are full.


The difference between a traditional trifle is that if you were not making a gluten free version you could add Kahlua to your whipped cream and drizzle your yellow cake with Kahlua instead of cold coffee but because it is a gluten free recipe I wanted to make sure it was free of any gluten. Also, if you don’t like all the candy, you can add fruit instead to the layers for a healthier version of this treat. Either way, it is a great dessert that pleases most everyone.

One last thing- the longer the trifle sits in the fridge the longer it absorbs all the liquid and tastes even better. This is true mostly for a traditional recipe not a gluten free recipe.

I have found a gluten free recipe gets mushy quicker than a traditional cake recipe when you use a traditional yellow cake or an angel food cake, it stays moist longer in the fridge.




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