Sorry Hostess Cupcakes – the Love Affair is over ~ Newlywed Girl

Do you remember as a kid stuffing your face full of the chocolate and creamy goodness of a Hostess Cupcake? I loved the signature swirl of icing on top of the smooth chocolate ganache like covering.

My mom used to basically feed us any type of junk food that was out there. We had NO limits. My siblings can attest to this. Hostess cupcakes regularly made an appearance in our lunch bags/boxes, as did anything sugary and sweet, such as Hi-C fruit punch boxes and Kudos bars. I know I am lucky though, because kids often would try to trade me for my sugary lunch for their delicious carrot sticks and other healthful things that I wanted nothing to do with.


I had such fond memories of the Hostess cupcake. I remembered how delicious they were, and so chocolate-y. Nothing could compare to them.

Fast forward 20 years later…

My husband took one of our cars to service center for its oil change. He calls me to tell me that they have Hostess Cupcakes in the waiting room. “Well what are you waiting for???!!! Bring me one home to eat!” I yelled over the phone.  I all of a sudden had all these flashbacks of chocolate cake and creamy white filling. You could hear the magical wrapper opening up and the nirvana of desserts awaited.

I just had a taste of said Hostess Cupcake…sadly it didn’t make me feel that good. I actually really hated it. It tasted like fake chocolate and fake cream. I stopped eating about 1/4 of the way through and put it down. What a disapointment. I think growing up makes this happen. You taste buds change and evolve and what was once so tasty, is not so much. I can now add this to my list of things that I tried to relive childhood from, and sadly failing. Hostess cupcakes now joins the likes of Jem and her band, fluffer nutters, all those Little Debbie treats, and Twinkies. Sigh…


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