Tokyo Japan Trip ~ Newlywed Girl

Part 2 of our Asia trip took us to Tokyo, Japan. We said goodbye to friends and family in Hong Kong and then hopped a quick 3 or so hour flight to Narita International Airport. We were on our way to our new adventure. Japan was a country that neither of us had visited before, and since we also didn’t speak any Japanese nor did we know anyone there, this would be an added challenge. I had consulted with a few friends who were familiar with Japan and gave us tips and a suggested itinerary.

We arrived in the afternoon and quickly grabbed our bags to board the airport limo bus, this is the best way to travel because taxis are way too pricey and the subway system is not really fun with two oversized suitcases. You can buy tickets in the arrival area from a ticket booth seller, and then go outside to find the queue. The people at the stand will help you with your luggage. When your bus arrives, you just hop onto the bus and off you go!

We were so excited to finally visit Japan! I’ve always wanted to visit this beautiful country and see all of the sights and sounds, as well as, tasting all of the wonderful cuisine. In LA, we are lucky because we have an abundance of authentic Japanese cuisine, but nothing will be better than tasting it directly from the source.

When we first arrived it was around dinner time, and after we checked into our hotel, we went downstairs to get some help on where to have dinner. The receptionist was super helpful, and spoke perfect English, so she directed us to Gonpachi for some pub food (Izakaya). The sounded perfect for a first meal, so we headed down in that direction. We arrived at the restaurant, but it was so busy and the wait was too long, so we headed upstairs to eat sushi instead. I would never turn down sushi, and we were hungry so we followed the host to our seats in front of the sushi chefs at the bar.

Due to our language barrier, many of our meals were done Omakase style. This is where the chef’s choice will be serve to you until you tell them to stop, or there is some set menu and you just eat until its over. This was the easiest way for us to get by since our Japanese was non-existant, and people couldn’t understand me anyway when I tried to speak.

Like my Hong Kong post, I’m going to post highlights to our trip.

To summarize Tokyo, we made a trip to the fish market Tsukiji  at 5:30am to see the hustle and bustle wholesale market, ate a chirashi bowl at 7am from one of the fish market restaurants, went to Ginza to shop, walked around the Imperial Palace gardens, visited various shrines, saw Harajuku goth people on Sunday, and ate more delicious foods. You’ll see the details in my photos…check them out!

the sushi chef sushi Gonpachi Menu Roppongi Train Station 

Tsukiji Fish Market Photos

Tuna Giant Tuna Wasabi root

Imperial Palace Gardens

Imperial Palace Gardens

Tokyo at Night

Shibuya Pachinko

Harajuku Temple and Goth People (where Bats Day at Disneyland got its inspiration)

Sake Little Girl in Kimono Shrine Wishes

Doctors saying hi

More Food pictures

Ramen Shrimp Rice Bowl

My next trip post will be Kyoto, Japan! This city was absolutely breathtaking and very memorable. I felt Kyoto needed its on post so I can show you all the great photos of the shrines, more delicious food, our Ryokan experience, and other cool things. Stay tuned!


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