Out with the old, in with 2009 ~ Newlywed Girl

As part of our New Years festivities, my husband and I do an annual cleanup of our messy closets and get rid of unused items. Those items are either Goodwill worthy, eBay worthy, or trashed. This morning we welcomed 2009 with a cleaning frenzy.

We did several loads of laundry, cleaned our second bedroom that had recently become a storage room, and the hall and bedroom closets. He threw away several old dress shirts and other tops, while I threw out shoes, wedding stuff, and magazines.

We now have 3 large bags of Goodwill, 3 items for eBay, and we recycled 4 bags of magazines and other things. We also cleaned around the house and dusted everything.

It felt good to do this as part of the New Year festivities. Also, we were too tired to go out in public so the day was spent cleaning, Rose bowl watching, and cooking.

What do you guys have in mind for 2009 resolutions? I should probably resolve to not have to resort to only an annual clean up cycle.

Great places to donate your gently used work or casual clothes:





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