Practice an attitude of gratitude – Mom of 4 year old

dscf0061Now that the holidays are over, many of us will feel a let down or a sadness come over us because all the planning is done, all the presents are opened, and all the travel is over. This is very normal and I have found some nice ways to combat those “after holiday blues” that I thought you might find helpful too.

1.) Workout – sweat it out

One of my daily routines is to get up in the morning and workout on my elliptical machine for 45 minutes a day 4-5 days a week. I usually give my daughter breakfast, check my emails, and get on the elliptical before doing anything else. This routine kick starts my day and gives me lots of energy to accomplish everything else I need to accomplish that day. Do what you can do. If you can take a walk for 30 minutes daily or take the stairs instead of the elevator, whatever you can do will help.

2.) Eat right

I usually try to eat a Fiber One cereal with a low fat milk every morning. This is a good way to get your  calcium and your fiber intake quickly. I love Fiber One and they make many different flavors cereal now. I usually order my Fiber One online grocery shopping at and you can save $4.95 on your first order! After breakfast, my daily routine for eating seems to be set. For lunch I usually eat better as a result of breakfast and dinner is a snap too because I started my day off right. I think the daily momentum of eating right builds upon itself. Try a salad for lunch, snack on almonds, and eat fish and broccoli for dinner.
3.) Do one thing at a time.

I try to conquer my to do list one thing at a time. Every day I tackle what I need to do without getting flustered by doing one thing at a time. I do as much as I can and I take breaks in between daunting tasks as well. If I am writing a very in depth article for work and it is going nowhere, I take a break. I clear my mind and it seems to help me continue refreshed when I return.

4.) Practice an attitude of gratitude.

When I go to bed every night, I write down the things that I am grateful for daily. I usually start with health, a great daughter, a warm home, good food, a good husband, and then whatever else that was good in that day. When I look back at my daily journal of gratitude it makes me feel good and it seems to reinforce the good feelings in my thoughts daily.

“Research shows that people who practice gratitude feel considerably happier than those who don’t. They feel more joyful, enthusiastic, interested, determined, and strong. Gratitude practitioners are also more likely to be both kind and helpful to others,” says sociologist Christine Carter, Executive Director of Greater Good Science Center, UC Berkeley, and creator of the “Science for Raising Happy Kids” website. ( Go to the site to sign up for the free Half-Full Blog newsletter on raising happy kids.

Try some of my tips for a Happy and Healthy New Year. Let me know what you think. I think if we practice good healthy habits, we will have a happy and healthy life.

(The photo above of the large sea turtle is a very zen photo for me. I love the beach and it reminds me of vacations, and lazy summer days.)


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2 responses to “Practice an attitude of gratitude – Mom of 4 year old

  1. Elizabeth

    Great help list! 🙂

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