Oxtail Ragu with Spaghetti ~ Newlywed Girl

My husband prepared this very delicious oxtail ragu for dinner last week. He was inspired by a dish he ate at one of Mario Batali’s terrific restaurants.

He really put the TLC into it and it was very well received. I enjoyed every bite of it, and when it was all gone, I was left empty. I needed more… That’s how good this recipe is to me.

Oxtail Ragu takes time, like all great things, so be patient and just try it out. You’ll be glad you did.

This recipe serves 4-6 people, or if you want to be fancy, this can be a smaller pasta course for your grand Italian multiple course meal. People will be impressed. Try it for a date night.


3 lbs of beef oxtail
8 stalks of celery finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
1 medium onion finely chopped
1 carrot finely chopped
1 T fresh parsley minced
1 cup of white wine or vermouth  (dry red wine can be substituted here)
2 32 ounce cans of plum tomatoes (fresh is ok too)
2 T tomato concentrate
3 T extra virgin olive oil
2c beef stock (chicken stock is a good alternative)
2 bay leaves
2t sea salt


The work:

  • Rinse oxtail in cold water and dry. Trim off all excess fat and sinew.
  • Heat oil in a dutch oven over medium high heat. Add oxtail pieces and brown all sides of meat, about 10 mins.
  • Remove to a bowl and season with salt and pepper.
  • Add the celery, garlic, onion, carrot and parsley, cook until the vegetables are soft.
  • Place oxtail bones in pot.
  • Add white wine and bring to boil.
  • Add tomatoes, crushing them with your hands. Stir in tomato concentrate and add salt. Place the bay leaf and put in pot.
  • Pour in beef stock to cover oxtails. Lower heat to medium. Simmer covered for at least 3.5 hours.
  • Pull the meat off the bones and place back into sauce. Stir and add in salt or pepper according to taste.

This recipe is great as a spaghetti. Boil some spaghetti and toss it in with the ox tail ragu to mix around. Serve immediately. This goes well with a side of sauteed vegetables or a salad. Serve with a nice glass of red wine, such as a pinot noir, or a heavier cabernet if you’d like.




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One response to “Oxtail Ragu with Spaghetti ~ Newlywed Girl

  1. This sounds delicious!

    I like the addition of wine.

    I made Oxtail Stew a few years ago and it was so good.

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