Cash for your gold silver and jewelry

I went to Beverly Hills the other day to sell my gold and silver. Isn’t that a funny sentence? Beverly Hills you say? Seriously, usually you go to these places in a sketchy part of town to sell your gold, silver, and watches and you worry about your safety when you get there. Joe’s Gold and Silver is in a safe part of town just south of Wilshire and Joe actually owns the place. He has another location in Lawndale too if you are near the South Bay.

He buys everything you can imagine. He buys broken gold necklaces 10KT, 14KT, 22KT, 24KT, 9KT, and Silver. He even buys .925 silver which is not the .999 silver which is the good silver. He will buy your old gold necklace you never wear anymore, your old rings, your old earrings, and anything your aunt gave to you that you know you will never wear. If you have Tiffany jewelry that you no longer wear because it is outdated, he will buy that too. He will even buy an old watch if it has gold or silver on it or if it is a name brand. VERY FEW places will buy your old gold. Of course he will buy an old engagement ring, an old tiny diamond ring- basically whatever jewelry is sitting in your drawer- bring it and he will buy it.

How he does it: I walked into his shop- he buzzed me in – I took out my old necklaces, and earrings and he weighed everything in front of me on the scale. Gold is about $911.40 right now so for approximately 100 plus grams he will give you over $820 dollars. Don’t quote me on this but it is close.You decide at that point if you want to sell or not. Just remember on Ebay- they take 10% of the final value fee and you have 3% that you have to give to paypal to process the payment so to go to him and to get cash on the spot- he really has a great way for you to sell your unwanted jewelry. He will buy silverware too!

Why do I like Joe? He tells you up front and he pays you in cash – that is it – very easy.

Go see Joe- tell him Susana sent you. Tell him I said hello.

If you want to go and sell your jewelry now- call him and make sure he is at that location today – here is his phone number in Beverly Hills 310 600 5106. Call him to get more information too. His location is just south of Wilshire on Robertson. Don’t mistake the other place near him for his location. His address is 239 South Robertson Boulevard #10 and has a little gate at the front where he buzzes you in like a jewelry store. Lots of parking on the side too.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles- he will take your stuff in the mail too- just call him first and let him know you are sending it- since you are not using it- just send it in the mail insured to him. Call him for more info at 310 600 5106.

Check out this video from KTLA news recently on how this phenomenon is hitting the nation. CLICK HERE to see the video.



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  4. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to visit your site 🙂

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