Liposuction in a top weight loss

My new year’s resolution was to eat right, exercise, sleep 8 hours, and de stress. Almost a month later, I am sleeping 5 hours a night, waking up at all hours because of noises from the neighbor, my daughter, or hormones, and I am not losing any weight. I started the New Year with exercise daily and lots of fruits and veggies. Now my mornings consist of a bleary eyed cup of joe while shuffling my daughter to and from the bathroom, her room, and the dining table for breakfast before rushing her off to school and then getting to work. Have I lost any weight you ask? Despite my best efforts of fruit in the am and a light lunch, I am so tired by evening portion control just goes out the window. Now that it is freezing all over the country including in Los Angeles, comfort food like mac and cheese and baked potatoes with sour cream and chives also beckon to me daily…I found an amazingly great top that is like liposuction in a box in a top. This little skin colored top works miracles and you should own one for every day of the week or at least own 2 so you can have one clean at all times to wear under your clothes. This top has helped me look trimmer in my midsection and more confident when wearing a tighter top. Check it out for yourself if you want a little lipo from a box. Click the photo and see for yourself.

The Support Shaper



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