Go back to where you come from….

Have you ever heard that weak sauce comment when people have nothing better to say when they are angry and in an argument? They make that stupid comment “go back to where you came from”. As a person of an obvious ethnicity even though I am born in the USA, I sometimes get this comment and it really irritates me.

Today, I was taking my daughter to get some ice cream and I was accosted by a rude woman driving a silver Range Rover HSE. She laid on her horn and started shouting at me from her car because I was not parking fast enough. I move out of her way to allow her to park because I realize from all her shouting that she was in a rush, and she parked in one of the empty parking spaces. Then, she comes up to my car window and starts shouting obscenities through my window. She said horrible things like, “where did you learn how to drive, you are a F*%$ idiot there were 3 spaces there and you could not make a decision.” I looked at her and I told her to “shut the hell up and get away from my car”. She preceded to tell me that people like me should go back to where I come from because I have no right to be here and she went on and on. Finally I got so tired of her yelling I said to her, “lady you are the one with a foreign accent and you are telling me to go  back to where I come from? Where did you come from?” She then yelled, “You shut up you F*&% A&%$,” and walked to the coffee shop to get her caffeine fix. The last thing I said to her was, “lady your toxic behavior will give you some horrible thing like cancer one day if you don’t chill out.” She stormed off to her coffee shop in a furry.

What is it with people who say this phrase? What is wrong with them? Worse yet is that this woman was obviously from another country since she spoke with an accent. Why would she say something like this? I mean people in glass houses should not throw stones…really. I may look ethnic but I was born in the USA. I sure don’t use that phrase ever to anyone because I am very sensitive to what it connotes.

This woman who drove her Range Rover and held her Gucci bag is a sad miserable person. I only feel sorry for her being in such a rage over something so small. The sad part is I wonder if she felt a superior right to say those horrible things because of her material things?



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2 responses to “Go back to where you come from….

  1. Gaye McGill

    I just wanted to say I think it’s a shame you had to put up with such rudeness, especially with your daughter in the car. This women must have some serious problems to behave in such a manner. As I’ve told people before, be thankful that you just had to deal with her in that one instance – much better that than to be her and have to live with herself all the time.

  2. Malcolmina

    I think sometimes people use language that they know is hurtful because it has hurt THEM. In this case, maybe she has been hurt by the same phrase, and uses it because she knows how much it stings. Whatever the “reason”, that was just plain bad behavior, and hopefully she felt awful about it later!

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