Donut Cheese Bacon Burger

donut-cheese-bacon-burgerHave you seen this type of burger? It is a donut cheese bacon burger. If there is one way to get breakfast and lunch and dinner into your  body all in one sitting and maybe have a massive heart attack all in one go, I think this burger could help you do that.

I am one of those people who will go to the OC Fair and try everything from fried twinkies to a large Turkey leg, but this gross looking donut bacon cheese burger is just wrong. I don’t think I could eat that. I love donuts and I love burgers but both eaten as a sandwich together would just be a bad taste sensation. Some people love the sweet and the savory together. I like salty peanuts with a candy coating or peanut brittle, but meat with a glazed donut is not one of my top choices.

I just read today that they have frosting covered salmon dishes now too.  What is going on with our taste buds? Do we need to eat frosting and salmon in one sitting? We can have a piece of cake after a nice piece of salmon, but both together just seems so wrong.


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