Green Tea Latte Starbucks

caramel-latte-starbucksHave you had the Green Tea Latte from Starbucks? That is my absolute favorite drink in the world. I used to drop by to Starbucks daily in the am to get a large iced green tea latte every morning. I loved it so much I was known as the mom who dropped off her kid with the green drink. Slowly I started to wean myself off the green tea latte and I drank them every other day instead of every day. Then I discovered the Starbucks Store online. I realized I could make my own favorite Starbucks coffees and drinks at home and save some money. This new discovery made me my own home barista. I bought cups with covers from Smart and Final and brewed my favorite coffee drinks and poured them in my to go cup to take with me on my drives to drop my daughter off in the am for school.

At this point, I am inventing my own drinks. Some of my favs are carmel lattes and green tea lattes. I just order and shop for all my Starbucks coffees at and then brew everything at home.

Here is one of my recipes:

Carmel Latte

Brew Starbucks coffee

warm milk in microwave, froth with wisk, pour into coffee, add caramel.

Recipe for Caramel – which can be stored in fridge for a few days.

1 cup of sugar

milk or cream 1/2

melt the sugar with a little bit of water 1 tablespoon – when golden brown and boiling add cream or milk and it turns into beautiful carmel that you can store. Add to coffee in am.

What an easy drink- pack into your to go cup and you have Starbucks Coffees from in your home ready to go.

Some of you have emailed in and asked for the recipe to the Green Tea Latte so I will give you my version:

I heat up 3/4 cup of soy milk – vanilla flavor, add a little match green tea powder 1 tsp to the soy milk and mix it all in, then add 1/4 cup of green tea prepared from Starbucks green tea packets and mix and drink. It is that simple.



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