Subway 5 dollar footlong sandwich

subway-5-dollar-footlongFive – Five Dollar Footlong- Five- Five dollar footlong- I have been hearing that song in my sleep. That Subway commercial has really gotten into my head so this morning after dropping my daughter off at school, I had to head over to Subway to buy myself a $5 footlong for lunch. When I got there, I smelled all the wonderfully fresh baked breads coming out of the oven, and I thought to myself: what do they have for breakfast RIGHT NOW????

They know what they are doing at Subway otherwise they would not be a multi million dollar operation. I must say, this crazy $5 footlong jingle is really effective. They must pump in subliminal messages into the song when they play in on the television and radio or something. You know – the hidden words are “come in tomorrow and get yourself one, you are hungry, you need one.” I am sure of it because why would I drive over there immediately after dropping my daughter off at school?

My experience with Subway has always been positive so that helps of course. They always make their breads fresh, they put fresh veggies onto your sandwiches, and the meats are fresh. For the most part, eating at Subway is a healthy experience. I mean Jared lost a bunch of weight going there every day, how could it be bad?

So at Subway I ordered myself a flatbread egg and cheese breakfast sandwich and 1 $5 footlong veggie sandwich for lunch. My total was $7.45. That is amazing. I was so happy, I ate my egg sandwich in my car on my way home. I could not believe how good the hot egg cheese flatbread sandwich tasted. It was hot full of protein and I even asked them to load it up with jalepenos, cucumbers, and spinach. Overall for $2.15 the flatbread sandwich was a winner. Fast food at its best.

Anyhow, if you pass a Subway and hear that song in your head, I don’t think it was an accident. I think they pump subliminal messages into the songs. Regardless of whether that is true or not, the sandwiches are good and healthy as long as you order their heart healthy versions. If you are not trying to lose weight, then go for the footlong meatball. I always love that sandwich if I am super hungry and know I won’t be eating dinner that night.


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