Racism is alive in West Los Angeles

Here we go again…a few weeks ago I told you about an incident with a woman who told me to go back to where I come from because she  thought I was not parking fast enough at the Starbucks parking lot. Another racist incident took place again at the Ralphs Supermarket checkout line in Westwood. The sad part is…the race of the person today is the same race as the lady from Starbucks.

Here is what happened today – this older lady with an accent told me to let her go first because she was handicapped and old and that Americans would let her go first but since I am not American I did not know better. I said I am American, I was born here and you have an accent and obviously you were not born here so you should be taught that Americans come in all colors and I was born here. I also said IF you were not rude to me, I would have let you go first seeing that you are older, but  because you are rude, mean, and obnoxious I will not allow you to go before me in line since I have been waiting in line for my turn this whole time.

She then calls over the manager at Ralphs and says, you tell her to move to another line she is not American and she needs to move to another line. I am old and handicapped and I need to go before her. The dumbest part of this whole story is: The guy who worked at Ralphs asked if I would like to move so this woman could go before me. I said no, I will wait my turn I am next, you can move her since she was rude and obnoxious to me.

He moved her and opened a new check out line for her. As he moved her she accused me of not being American again…

Argh. This is so annoying. I was born in the US, I speak English wihout an accent. When are these people going to learn to say something else? I mean really – she was the one with an accent and she was obviously from another country- it just gets me so mad. My parents were immigrants but we don’t go around saying mean things to other people. Isn’t life hard enough without all this ridicoulous behavior?


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