Buyer Beware lame Happy Hour Rules

I was in a restaurant for a happy hour the other day and I could not believe the new policy they put into place for their happy hour. The restaurant used to charge $2.95 and $3.95 for their appetizers and $1 for on tap beers with no minimums. Most of the time most people would go into this establishment and get a few $2.95 meats to grill and a bunch of $3.95 appetizers without thinking and it would always come up to about on average $10-$15 a person depending on the person. I love this place because they have a great mojito and my husband loves the beers so I decided to take my parents to this restaurant for happy hour last night for dinner thinking hey we  can go out for a nice inexpensive meal tonight.

When I start to order, the server informs me that I must order $15 of food and drink PER PERSON or we cannot order off the Happy Hour menu. I was LIVID. I could not believe they would make that kind of policy. For Happy Hour? The economy is already in a recession and they tell us this dumb rule when we sit down? This is definitely not good customer service. I was going to inform the manager but I decided not to do that since I like the food and did not want them to spit in my food whilst preparing it. But as a result of this piece of information, I ordered differently than I normally do. I ordered just enough to hit the $15 a person minimum and I tipped him just 15% as opposed to my normal 20% tip and ordering a few drinks and lots of food.

This is just bad business. I have no idea if this is actually the restaurant’s new policy or if the server was just tired of serving people who came in for happy hour and ate $5 worth of food per person and leaving him with very little tip.

In the end we spent $50 plus tax and tip so it came out to about $65 and he made himself $11 in tips because I am a fair tipper even though he was not very good at customer service and really does not deserve the tip.



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3 responses to “Buyer Beware lame Happy Hour Rules

  1. Puppies and Worms

    There are other restaurants that have amazing Happy Hours and kids menus too. You can get all their normal stuff for half the price and drinks for 50% off too and they don’t make you adhere to a minimum. Daily Grill is one of my favorites to name a few. Ask me if you want more info in LA.

  2. Hong Kong

    What’s the name of this place?

    • Puppies and Worms

      I don’t like to bad mouth restaurants by their names so I will just say it is a place in West Los Angeles.

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