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$25 Spendervention again at Marshalls

I love Spring when you think about cleaning out the old, and bringing in some new and just cleaning in general. Today I headed out to Marshalls for my spendervention. I had my $25 ready and waiting to be spent on some new goodies from Marshalls. I think lots of people had the same idea for a spendervention because the store was PACKED!

I saw some great things at the store. There were some great designer jeans by True Religion, Los Angeles Lakers tshirts, house hold goods, beauty products, Ralph Lauren flip flops, just to name a few. It was pretty well stocked full of some of the branded items you’d typically find at a department store for full price.

My mission for my spendervention was to find some key things that would fit my $25 budget. I combed carefully through the aisles and came across a few great items. Remember how I mentioned spring cleaning? Well, I think the items that I picked out would certainly fit the theme.

I found a bottle of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day all natural laundry detergent. This stuff is really expensive at Whole Foods market and any other grocery store. This was a must have for my spring planning.

Next, I found some great organic cotton kitchen towels. How great are these?! I think that as I get older, I’m slowly transitioning to use more natural products where possible. These towels felt really nice and I think they’ll do the job well.

Lastly, we bought a grater because we’ve been wanting one for a while. I think this would be great for our panini grilled sandwiches that we’re having for dinner while we watch the Laker vs. Magic NBA finals game.

Check out the photo!


Since we are a family friendly blog, I thought that purchasing these home type items would be a really great way to showcase what finds you could see at your local Marshalls.

Happy Spendervention!!

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$25 Spendervention at TJ Maxx

While you see all of the commercials where people are staging spenderventions on fashions and everyday items, I had a chance to check myself on my very own spendervention at TJ Maxx.

Armed with $25 to spend on anything I could find at my local TJ Maxx store, I walked in with an open mind that I’d find some great savings on products.

In my last post about Father’s Day, I mentioned that I had no ideas for what gift to give this year. As I walked around the aisles and check out everything from Ed Hardy gear to Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, I spotted a nice Adidas collared shirt for my father in law. He enjoys his walks around the neighborhood, and this shirt has some great breathable material.

With a few bucks left I was able to pick up something for myself…I found a water bulb to water my plant. I have always wanted one since I saw the infomercial.

Check out my purchases!

TJ Maxx

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I am having such a hard time figuring out what to get for my dad for father’s day this year. Its also next week so I better get a move on it. After visiting every single online shopping site, I’ve still not come up with anything. I would hate to just buy something out of desperation, so I can send it to my dad on the east coast. If he were here on this side of the coast, it’d be a nice lunch or dinner out on the town and some good wine.

Anyone have any good suggestions? My dad is the type of guy who has everything…

Go check out our friend: for some quick father’s day ideas. That’s what I’m going to do now so that I can get my dad’s gift out in the mail so it won’t be late.

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He’s been laid off, but you’re not…article I read today…

I read this article on today that was repubished from The Frisky magazine. 

I won’t go and recopy it over to this blog, so please do read it via that link I provided above.

In our tough economic times, many people (men and women) are losing their jobs every day. This article focuses specifically on men and their challenges with accepting their new role in the household post layoff, and how we, spouses need to help soothe their fallen egos and prides.

This article is a sort of guide that was written to help the working women in your household, deal with your husband’s recent job situation. It tells you to empathize, but not to pity and above all else…stay positive for his sake. If you read this article, you start to understand that men feel lost identity, humiliation, anger and frustration over their marginalization. I get all of it and can understand how that can be tough on the male species, however, my skeptic and unsympathetic side thinks…so what?

Unfortunately, life sometimes sets you up for disappointment. If anything, not having this particularly boring, or unsatisfactory job should give lots of time and opportunity to go and find that career of a lifetime. I personally have gone through this situation over the last few months, and I know that it was tough on my husband at first (I wrote about this particular subject a couple months earlier). I would like to think that we survived that trying time with how we always deal with difficult situations. I don’t think that I was especially empathetic or different from how I normally face problems and issues in life. I think more than anything, you’d want to maintain some sense of normalcy in your life when a big life change like this happens.

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