$25 Spendervention at TJ Maxx

While you see all of the commercials where people are staging spenderventions on fashions and everyday items, I had a chance to check myself on my very own spendervention at TJ Maxx.

Armed with $25 to spend on anything I could find at my local TJ Maxx store, I walked in with an open mind that I’d find some great savings on products.

In my last post about Father’s Day, I mentioned that I had no ideas for what gift to give this year. As I walked around the aisles and check out everything from Ed Hardy gear to Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, I spotted a nice Adidas collared shirt for my father in law. He enjoys his walks around the neighborhood, and this shirt has some great breathable material.

With a few bucks left I was able to pick up something for myself…I found a water bulb to water my plant. I have always wanted one since I saw the infomercial.

Check out my purchases!

TJ Maxx

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