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Ed Hardy special edition intelli heli 3CH RTF Electric mini rc helicopter

One day only CYBER MONDAY December 1, 2008 coupon code put in save5monday at checkout to get $5 off your order. Happy shopping.

I am not sure what the Ed Hardy intelli heli Electric mini rc helicopter is all about but I just found out from my nephew that these have been sold out and waitlisted like crazy already everywhere. Apparently this Ed Hardy special edition toy is the must have toy for kids in the 8-12 age group this year for Christmas. I found a place that carries them for those of you who are looking for a cool gift for your son or grandson. I am definitely getting one of these for my nephews. You can get the helicopter by clicking the photos. If you receive them before me, comment on what you think.

Ed Hardy Special Edition UFO RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)

Ed Hardy Special Edition Intelli Heli 3CH RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships Novembe

Ed Hardy Special Edition SkyHawk 2CH RTR RC Electric Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)

Ed Hardy Special Edition Viper 28 Inch RTR Electric RC Racing Boat (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)


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Kids say the darndest things – and kids projects that I have tried from butterflies to birdhouses

The funniest cutest conversations from my B and her best friend C –

C: Why did your mom let you buy caterpillars to turn into butterflies?
B: Because she wants me to learn about how they become butterflies
C: My mom won’t ever buy butterflies because it is dirty for the house
B: oh ok
C: my mom is going to buy bunkbeds so you can stay over
B: OOOh really I would love that
C: these are really good popsicles
B: yeah I love em

I picked up B and her best friend C today after school so the 2 of them could have a playdate at my house. Today was another unusually hot day in October in LA and they wanted something cool as a snack after school so I offered them juice popsicles that I made from orange juice and water. I got these amazing little popsicle making containers from a gourmet cooking supply store, put water and orange juice in them, and froze them with the sticks in so that my daughter could have a refreshing healthy treat after school.

As they were eating they were looking at the caterpillars my daughter had in a jar that were incubating. My sister’s boyfriend bought these for B as a birthday gift so she could learn about how caterpillars turned into butterflies. My sisters were all surprised that I would allow insects in my house since they all know how I feel about hygiene. But, I want my daughter to learn about caterpillars and butterflies and this was definitely the best was for her to learn. Thus, the conversation you saw above. Just too funny and so cute. If you want to order your own kit order it at Insectlore.

This butterfly kit is definitely one of the better things we have done with live insects or animals in or near my home.

My husband’s bright idea was to build a bird house for my B. Now, I am not a lover of birds so I have to say what happened with the bird house is just about the biggest nightmare for me. This is what happened:

B was very excited and my husband took her to buy wood for the bird house. They selected the wood, built the house, bought the bird food and hung it under our orange tree in our yard. For the next 2 weeks, B and her father watched with glee as the birds came daily to our bird house and watched the birds eat the food. We had so many birds come to our house in the am, we always had a chirping sound coming from our yard. Most of this was pretty pleasant and did not happen too early so I did not really mind even though I am not a fan of birds. However, one day at the end of these 2 weeks, B wanted to go play in the backyard. I don’t often go out to the backyard because I work and B is in school most of the time, but she wanted to go outside that day so we went outside to the backyard.

The first thing that assaulted me was the stench. Then, I looked at my patio and almost gagged to put it mildly. Under my patio chairs, there was what looked like a month’s worth of bird fecal matter all over my patio and under the patio chairs. Those lovely birds we had been feeding, used my patio as a toilet after they ate. It was one of the most disgusting things I had ever seen. Now, since I am not a fan of birds, it only confirmed everything I believed about them, they were not very clean, and the fecal matter could potentially cause health issues – extreme being Avian Flu.

Anyhow, that was the end of my bird house project for B. I never put any more food in the birdhouse, the chirping stopped unless they were coming through to have some oranges, and the fecal matter issue was cleared up.

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Angelina Jolie is back in New York and spending time with her kids: Have you heard the saying – Cherish these moments they grow up so fast?

The director of B’s school sent this out to all the parents today and I thought it was an appropriate way to start the weekend. As much as our little ones can drive us batty at times. They are still so small and we need to remember how fast this time does fly. I have been told by ladies in their 60’s how fast their kids grew up and how quickly their grandchildren are growing up. Here is something to start your weekend. Enjoy.


How it Feels When a Mother’s Arms Are No Longer Full

By Sharon Miller Cindrich

I was coming out of the doctor’s office yesterday when I realized there was nothing in my hands. I checked my right pocket for keys, the other for a wallet and my sides for my two dawdling children who were making their own way down the corridor to the elevators.

As my four-year-old and two-year-old skipped down the hallway, my arms felt empty. They flopped aimlessly around my waist, unsure how to act, what to do with themselves. My hands were free to hit the correct elevator button, hold the door open and even fish around my jacket pocket for a stick of gum. My shoulders collected themselves and straightened up, pulling the rest of my tired body along with them. I felt great – didn’t I?

For years, I had carried a newborn in the crook of my arm, an infant on my hip, a toddler on my lap. There was always someone begging to be held or rocked or carried. I’d gotten used to lumbering around with an extra 20 pounds of wriggling on my shoulders in the park, crawling up my arm as I tried to write a check for groceries or around my neck when a strange dog neared us. Just moments before, as the doctor checked ears and throats, I had soothed them both in the safety of my hug. But right now, my arms were empty.

Part of me immediately panicked for another child. I was just getting the hang of making lasagna with a baby on one hip and a toddler hanging from my shirt. I was almost used to weeding the garden with two kids playing horsy on my back. Another part of me sighed in the relief of the moment – a moment I often prayed for in attempts to get the laundry folded or the lawn cut or anything done before a tiny pair of outreached arms found me. I knew that within seconds, the carrying and holding and hanging would return – that this was just a preview of my children’s independence from me; they were far from graduating.

And I knew that these new tidbits of freedom left me able to do even more with them. Without a baby on my back or a child on my shoulders, we could swim more, bake more and dance more. I would have more time to watch and more patience to wait and more energy to push the swings or tie the water balloons or read the bedtime stories. I would be less anxious to hurry them away to bed, to preschool or to a babysitter. And I knew the time would come where I would long for their attention, their touch, their wanting me – like this moment in the elevator.

I looked down at the growing bodies that I carried inside me not that long ago, my whole body preciously wrapped around them. And after years of holding them, first in my womb, then under my arms, I now barely held them by just five little fingers – wiggling fingers eager to pull away from me and push the elevator buttons themselves and wave good-bye. And though my mind rejoiced in thoughts of eating a meal without a child on my lap, I felt a different heaviness, an ache in my heart. I had not realized how much of them I carried there.

As the elevator doors opened to the parking lot, my arms shot from my sides instinctively, gratefully grabbing my son up on my one hip and pulling my daughter close to my thigh while I walked them safely to the car.

(a photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are here with their kids because despite how busy these 2 people are…I know they do have help…but they do choose to spend lots of time with their kids too. Also, Angelina Jolie was seen taking time with her kids on Saturday before her Changling premiere.)

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Introduction Mom to a 4 year old

I am a mom of a 4 year old. I should have started this blog long ago. I am a stay at home mom who works from home. I have an Ebay business plus am a part time blogger. I love my daughter and love what I do and love the chaos and energy of all of it.

On this blog, I will blog about my life with my daughter, my daughters friends, her school, her activities, and all the things she likes right now from toys to foods. I hope you will follow me on this journey and make comments and introduce yourselves to me.

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Why Puppies…? Why Worms…?

Why did we give ourselves this name for the blog? Its kind of a funny name but its meant to encompass all of our topics from cute and cuddly as well as the dirty and messy. We want to talk about all things messy, cute, and cuddly about life.

In introducing our new format, we are going to feature a series of guest authors for our blog who can speak to all different stages of life. Initially, we will have two contributors; a hip / cool modern mom to a 4 year old, and the level-headed newlywed. It’ll be fun to read about their daily musings and the things that really make their world go round.

Look for their future blogs here at Puppies and Worms!

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