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He’s been laid off, but you’re not…article I read today…

I read this article on CNN.com today that was repubished from The Frisky magazine.  http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/personal/06/01/Tf.Unemployed.Boyfriend.Now.What/index.html 

I won’t go and recopy it over to this blog, so please do read it via that link I provided above.

In our tough economic times, many people (men and women) are losing their jobs every day. This article focuses specifically on men and their challenges with accepting their new role in the household post layoff, and how we, spouses need to help soothe their fallen egos and prides.

This article is a sort of guide that was written to help the working women in your household, deal with your husband’s recent job situation. It tells you to empathize, but not to pity and above all else…stay positive for his sake. If you read this article, you start to understand that men feel lost identity, humiliation, anger and frustration over their marginalization. I get all of it and can understand how that can be tough on the male species, however, my skeptic and unsympathetic side thinks…so what?

Unfortunately, life sometimes sets you up for disappointment. If anything, not having this particularly boring, or unsatisfactory job should give lots of time and opportunity to go and find that career of a lifetime. I personally have gone through this situation over the last few months, and I know that it was tough on my husband at first (I wrote about this particular subject a couple months earlier). I would like to think that we survived that trying time with how we always deal with difficult situations. I don’t think that I was especially empathetic or different from how I normally face problems and issues in life. I think more than anything, you’d want to maintain some sense of normalcy in your life when a big life change like this happens.


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Hermes Birkin 30 do I need one? —Mystery Guest Blogger

hermes-birkin-bagLately, I have been reading quite a bit about Hermes Birkin bags and how they are investments when one purchases these very expensive bags. For the longest time I told myself, you don’t need one, you have Chanel, you have Balenciaga, and everything else…you don’t need Hermes. But suddenly people are blogging about the Hermes Birkin, talking about it, and I am seeing the bag everywhere. Is it a subliminal message? Is someone trying to tell me that I better get on the waitlist now before  the Birkin goes up in price again?

I remember when the Hermes Birkin used to be $4,000. I am not kidding. That was the year I bought my Hermes gold toned H belt for $350. Today, the H  Belt costs $350 just for the buckle and the leather belt is $400 more! I thought there was a recession? Clearly Hermes did not get the memo…Anyhow, I am trying to come to terms with this Hermes Birkin. Is it worth it? Is it really an investment?

I mean I thought an investment was something like when you purchased a home and the land value goes up over time. These bags go up over time… but when you sell them, and if you sell them through consignment you probably only make back what you paid since these consignment stores usually stake 40%… so how is it really a good investment? And if you keep it and don’t sell it – is it an investment? Are bags really investments? I am not sure a bag is an investment…

However, my big issue is – should I look to buy a Hermes Birkin? Sometimes we spend all kinds of money buying little things when we can buy one big thing. This is what I am thinking with regards to the Hermes Birkin. Instead of buying more Balenciaga and Chanel in the future, I can sit on the waitlist for 3-5 years and save the money in an account and buy the 1 Hermes Birkin instead of 2 Chanel? But, do I need a Birkin?

Do any of you have this Hermes Birkin problem? Can you comment and give me your stories? Or if you own a Birkin? Can you tell me about it? Why you love it? Your relationship with your Birkin?

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