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Diamonds for less

I was recently shopping around on the net to see if I could buy a pair of diamond earrings online for less and looked at all the normal websites that were out there and came across an amazing website www.abazias.com. Abazias is an online only diamond store that sells engagement rings, diamond earrings, and watches. I found an amazing video from Fox news on them too. Click this link to see the video now and do some diamond shopping now online and save some money too. diamond-earrings

After I saw that video on the news, I knew I found a great store where I could save some money and shop for my diamond earrings online with peace of mind.

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Charity while shopping what celebrities do.


This is the season to remember how fortunate we are and to give to those in need. What better way to help a great cause than to buy comfy, functional, cool shoes.

Celebrities seem to have all the fun.  They go to events and buy bags and shoes and get tax deductions for cancer research. Now the rest of us get that chance too.

For every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One. TOMSshoes.com

The TOMS Mission: “To make life more comfortable.” TOMS shoes accomplish this through its unique shoe design and our commitment to help those in need.

For every pair you purchase, TOMS Shoes will give a pair to a child in need.

So far… TOMS has given 10,000 pairs of shoes to less-fortunate children in Argentina and the TOMS team headed to Africa in 2007 and hand-delivered an estimated 50,000 pairs of TOMS shoes.

The idea of TOMS Shoes came about in 2006 when founder, Blake Mycoskie befriended the children of an Argentine village and found that they had no shoes to protect their feet. Seeing their cuts and sores and wanting to help them, he imagined a company that would match every pair of shoes sold with a pair given to a child in need. Upon his return, he launched TOMS Shoes: “Shoes for Tomorrow”.

TOMS’ weightless slip-on sneakers are modeled after a traditional Argentinean shoe, and in their own grassroots way, changing the world on pair at a time. TOMS shoes use fresh and interesting color and material combinations with leather footbeds for breathability.

The distinctive style of TOMS shoes are always fresh and inventive, so you won’t only feel good about helping the cause, you’ll be sporting the look that’s causing a major buzz with fashion editors and trend-setters everywhere.

FREE Shipping at TOMS Shoes. Check out the great shoes and boots now.

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Shop.com launced for Londoners

Shop.com launched their site for the UK and it looks great. Where else can you search tons of stores and find designer Gucci bags, Balenciaga, and lotions and boots in one place? I just thought it was an interesting concept.

Having lived in New York City and traveled abroad to London, city living is pretty tough to navigate, and shopping for something you want at a great price can be even tougher.

I wish there were all these great sites when I lived in a big city like New York City. I remember treking all over the city just to find a few things in the snow and coming home empty handed because it was either too crowded in the stores, too expensive, or too cold to continue to browse all over the city.

Click the tab and let me know what you think.
SHOP.COM - Shopping made easy

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Ed Hardy special edition intelli heli 3CH RTF Electric mini rc helicopter

One day only CYBER MONDAY December 1, 2008 coupon code put in save5monday at checkout to get $5 off your order. Happy shopping.

I am not sure what the Ed Hardy intelli heli Electric mini rc helicopter is all about but I just found out from my nephew that these have been sold out and waitlisted like crazy already everywhere. Apparently this Ed Hardy special edition toy is the must have toy for kids in the 8-12 age group this year for Christmas. I found a place that carries them for those of you who are looking for a cool gift for your son or grandson. I am definitely getting one of these for my nephews. You can get the helicopter by clicking the photos. If you receive them before me, comment on what you think.

Ed Hardy Special Edition UFO RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)

Ed Hardy Special Edition Intelli Heli 3CH RTF Electric Mini RC Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships Novembe

Ed Hardy Special Edition SkyHawk 2CH RTR RC Electric Helicopter (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)

Ed Hardy Special Edition Viper 28 Inch RTR Electric RC Racing Boat (PRE-SALE -- Ships November 1st)


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Weekly Shopping and Goodies

A Few Goody Gumdrops lets us in on the current jeans to own: Current Elliott boyfriend jeans!

Ma Petite Chou is dying for Winter Whites

Puppies and Worms found a way to shop by video on the internet

Shopping and Info wants to tell you that the cast of Lipstick Jungle is cold in NYC and Gisele Bundchen is hot in LA

The Bare Skinny on why this fall is all about the bootie.

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