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All Natural Gnat Killer Repellent Recipe

I have this lovely orchid plant in my house that has recently been invaded by a bunch of pesky gnats. Its really annoying when you see them flying around the house and on your plant. I’m convinced that they are the cause of my recent orchid plant baldness. I’ve lost a few of the leaves already and most of the blooms have fallen. I’m not a green thumb, but I have recently gained pride in the fact that this orchid has not died in my care. Its been a good four months since its been delivered to my house.


I went online in search of something to help my issue. I didn’t want to kill the plant in the process so I stumbled upon a recipe from all natural ingredients. I can’t remember where I saw it now, so I can’t credit the site. Please let me know if its you and I’ll add you on this post.

The concoction was made and tested out yesterday. The gnats pretty much dropped dead on contact and we haven’t seen a sign of them since. Hopefully they will leave my pretty orchid alone.

Want the recipe?

1 clean plant spray bottle

3 cups of water

1/4 cup of all natural dish liquid (I used Ecological Ecover dishwashing liquid – found at Whole Foods)

2 Tbs of crushed mint leaves (Gnats apparently don’t like this)

2 Tbs of lemon or lime juice

I added them all into my spray bottle and shook it up some.  I used it on my indoor and outdoor plants. I hope that it continues to work. Crossing my fingers. This way I don’t have to buy a $5+ bottle of poisoning spray stuff and its ecologically sound to use these products, as well as, non harmful to your plants.

If you try this and it works, let me know. I’d like to hear your stories.

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Free Frozen Kashi Meal Coupon

I wanted to share that Kashi is launching their new frozen food line. As part of the launch, I saw a commercial where they are giving away a free frozen meal on their website,


Kashi is a healthy food line that promotes eating meals that are good for you and they are tasty too. 

Go to the website and sign up so you can get your free Kashi meal too. Offer expires on 3/15/09.

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Nadya Suleman Follow Up interview

Nadya Suleman claims she does not want the publicity but she has met with and today with Dr. Phil. If you missed the latest interviews, here is one of them.

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Shopping and Goodies this week lots of Giveaways

This week Shopping and Goodies is full of giveaways, Fashion Week info, python, wedding planning, hip hop, and so much more. Read all about it here.

A Few Goody Gumdrops loves the dazzling jewelry collection from Designer, Suzanna Dai. Enter to win crystal petal earrings!

Bags, Bling and Beauty is gearing up for Spring with Diane Samandi.

Couture In The City New York Fashion Week Michael Kors Fall 2009 Collection

Fashion Fille discovered an amazing photographer with stunning work. Come see it with your own eyes!

Ladybrille gets the exclusive on M.I. aka Jude Abaga, the New “Hip-Hop Messiah!”

Ma Petite Chou trusts the lightening lotion from Paula’s Choice to get rid of sun spots on her face.

Puppies and Worms
found an amazing wedding planner.

Raging Rouge
announces a CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe GIVEAWAY!

Shopping and Info
loves python and crocodile embossed Italian leather clutches that are so affordable.

Style Eyes looks at the latest look from Charles Anastase at London Fashion Week and also a great new clothes swapping website that launches next month in Charles Anastase and Second Hand Clothes.

The Bare Skinny is still puzzled over Issac Mizrahi’s handbag hats.

The Well-Heeled Society is giving you a chance to name the NEW pedi-scrub and body scrub inspired by her book’s main character, and to win them!

What’s Haute – Blog uncovers Victoria Beckham’s new white handbag!
What’s Haute Magazine shows you how to get Jennifer Lopez’s haute look!

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Hassle Free Pet for your little one?

I recently bought a hassle free pet for my 4 year old. She loves it and so do I. I bought her a little puppy that breathes and sleeps all day. She brushes it and it sleeps in her room. We never have to take it for a walk at 10:30PM or 6:30AM. Why? It is the perfect pet. It breathes and makes a little breathing noise and my daughter plays with it and hangs out with it in her room. It is a stuffed animal that is called the Perfect Petzzz. Click here to see where to buy them now for $10 less than their retail price. I think they are too cute. They have little kittens and puppies. (Click the boxer puppy if you like to see that one close up.) So the dog or the cat lover  can have a perfect hassle free pet.perfect-pets-boxer


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Boden 10% off coupon code

Click the link to your right  now to get 10% off your Boden order. Boden is the English J Crew and has the best stuff for kids and adults. Now you won’t see yourself coming and going. Get free shipping and buy 3 items and get the 4th item free too. I love their stuff for my daughter B and for myself – spring is coming, get some great clothing for yourself. Their bikinis, and bathing suits are great for the whole family.

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How to Stay Positive in this Economy ~ Newlywed Girl

Every day on TV, online, newspaper and any other information source, you hear the depressing news about the state of the economy and how bad things are right now. The other day I read about this interview that Susie Ormond gave to Larry King. Her philosophy was that we should count our pennies and to try to stay positive.

Unemployment is a real deal in 2008/2009. Its so real that its even happened in my family. My husband was laid off around the holidays of 2008 and has been on the  job search. Thankfully, we have still one income and severance to rely on for the time being. We’ll really have to learn how to manage our budget with one source of funding, and like Susie says, count our pennies.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying my best to be supportive of my husband. Its a tough job market out there and even if he submits his resume a bunch of times, there are few if any bites his way. Its no time to be depressed or at all down on yourself. Eventually, we know he’ll get back on his feet and it’ll be better than ever.

What’s he doing to pass the time? Well aside from the daily emails, resume submissions, and calls here and there to recruiters, he’s keeping busy. He’s had time to do home projects, improve his golf game, and just have some much needed theraputic detox from his old job.

One REALLY cool thing that he did recently was volunteer at a local winery in the Santa Barbara area. He donated his free time to work the fields, pack boxes, and generally anything to help this local and very small vineyard. My husband felt productive and even had an opportunity to learn a lot more about the wine industry and the operations for running a vineyard and winery. If this is a dream of his in the future, he’s made steps towards it by giving some of his free time to help.

Some of the other things that we’ve talked about at length is determining what he’d like to do for himself. Now is really the time to reflect and open his mind and eyes to all the different possibilities. Does he want to go get certified in something? Does he want to become a wine sommelier? Does he want to go back to school? To me he’s got this terrific blank slate to figure it out.

He’s going to continue to look for jobs daily, and look for ways to get himself back in the work force. He’s also going to spend time at the local bookstore trying to figure out some of those questions above. The big what do I want to do? There’s time for him to go and absorb like a sponge, any and all information he can get his hands on. He’ll be able to work on his golf game that he’s been constantly trying to fix. Maybe I’ll even throw in a couple of those Honey Do’s when he lets me assign them 🙂

Basically the point of this post is to give you the real life experience of being part of the unemployed, and how we are trying to make the best of things. There’s no reason to go into dispair. I’m not a finance expert, so I won’t be able to give you advice there.  We do have to survive on my income alone so we will find a way, somehow.

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